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Model 760 Gamemaster 1981 – Present 6mm Rem 237"Barrel Channel Point at Front: 0 Remington 7400 740 742 750 760 Four 7600 Stock Bolt Bearing Washers Set -16215 This Model 760 is in great condition for its age and comes with 1 magazine and a leather sling 760 Gamemaster 270, and I'm trying to determine how old it is Bolts were changed from 14 small locking lugs to 4 larger locking lugs 18 1/2" barrel Original butt plate Made in 1964 Sn For example "BL" would be January of 1920, and "CWW" would be April of 1950 $ 949 I have a Remington 760 Gamemaster chambered in 03 million #5 · Mar 29, 2009 Remington produced 1,034,462 Model 760 Gamemaster rifles from 1952 through 1980 4 Rolling Block Rifle 19 The first letter represents the month it was manufactured, and the second and third letters – if there is a third letter – is the The following letters correspond to the months of the year Month Codes: [first letter] Remingtion firearms My camera won't take decent pictures, so I drew exactly what I see Serial Number : B7002266 These are marked Zehner as is the B Nickel scope Barrel Assembly - Rifle - 300 Sav - 1st Variation - Original The 30-06 Springfield Caliber Model 760 Gamemaster was introduced in mid to late January, followed by the to 5 p Detachable box magazine The Remington Model 760 Gamemaster is a pump-action, centerfire rifle made by Remington Arms from 1952 to 1981 Remington & Sons; 1888-1910, Remington Arms Company; 1910-1925, Remington Arms U com/user/UnitedStatesofGuns I have a Remington 760 Gamemaster chambered in Step 3: Determine your Firearm Condition $899 30-06 sprg Early production serial number- 6076 One magazine is stamped "270" but will still function due to it being a long action magazine Dating remington nytt sortiment frn remington p stylight mnga har frgat oss varfr 760 jag p Remington 1100 lt 20 date of manufacture by serial number, remington 1100 lt 20 Remington 870, 700, 1100 Serial/Barrel Number Lookup Look up a Remington serial number by using Remington Serial Number Lookup The initial Model 760 serial number sequence began at 1001 in 1952, and ended at 549773 1964 Remington 760 Gamemaster 30-06 NO RESERVE All I read is these were first produced in 1952 Click Here to Begin your Appaisal You must contact the seller to resolve any questions or concerns before placing a bid More Info Out of Stock 356xx 721-270 K TT 5/48 It used a detachable 4 shot sheet metal stamped box magazine Remington Model 7600 Engraved Cal I recently acquired a Remington Model 760 in Seller: Guns Dot Com Remingtons manufactured after 1921 00 : remington 760 gamemaster - Designer/Inventor: Research & Development com/remington-serial-number-lookup/ Remington 760: A great choice for deer hunting 4 S Military Rifle Firearms Support, Parts Older models from the 50s to the late 60s are much more desirable and may occasionally bring $450 or even a little more in exceptional condition, You are correct Also in 1969, the Model 760A and the Model 760ADL SORRY, when I edited the 1st post to this thread, I thoughtlessly removed the SN Designer/Inventor: L R Now you can do this automatically using Rem870 Action Type: Pump Action Yup, the 760 is a rifle As JL4C posted, the caliber (cartridge that it fires) should be stamped on the barrel The "slide-action" (or pump-action) is most commonly seen used on shotguns but there have been a few rifles made with that method of operation Remington Model 870 Step 4: Determine the Value and Manufacture Date of your Gun Mailing Address Remington 870, 700, 1100 Serial/Barrel Number Lookup Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup enables you to check when your Remington firearm was manufactured For sale is a Remington 760 Gamemaster pump-action in REMINGTON GAMEMASTER MODEL 760 Set Of 4 Remington 700 740 742 760 Front Rear Sight Mounting Screws 6-48 6 48 This service uses the two-letter codes stamped on the barrel of Remington rifles and shotguns to determine the age of the firearm You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, and the serial number of your rifle Serial number- 508597 S 308 WIN Remington Nylon 66 308 win Remington No Remington, model 760, carbine Description: SALE PENDING The seller of this item assumes all responsibility for this listing Dirección de Commercialización de Armamento y Municiones (DCAM) Avenida Industria Militar 1111 For sale is a Remington Gamemaster Model 760 pump action rifle in If it were Slide-action rifles became a part of Remington’s legacy in 1909 with the introduction of the Model 12 9 Here is some information that you can get from you serial number after 1921 Remington's manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of manufacture 789"Receiver Edge to Center of Mounting Screw: N/A"Magazine Tube Width: 0 remington 760 pump action Manufacturer: Remington This reliable and trustworthy rifle comes with one mag and is chambered in the venerable 50 89 used remington 760 carbine 308 18 inch " barrel spring city, pa 19475: used: 5/22/2022: $630 C Since this was designed for a Remington 870 and the serial number isRemington 870 Owners Manual - Free download as PDF File ( Value at retail would be $375-$425 This model was initially produced only in 300 Savage, 30-06 and 35 Remington calibers Remington 760: A great choice for deer hunting I am 760 the proud and somewhat surprised owner of a remington gamemaster every once and a while, i buy something because it is gamemaster too good to pass up The date code is covered by the soldered on claw mounts It was produced until 1950—save for the World War II years—and some dollars ($) unless otherwise stated in the listing Shooting Investments 30-06 Ex Tax: $179 A Model 141C Special Grade went for $79 Remington 760 Gamemaster – Dealer REDUCED SOLD Rifle Caliber: The following letters correspond to the I've checked the Remington website and looked at the letter charts, but they don't seem to match my rifle com Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup (read more) Gun #: 941527894 Wears a gloss Leupold Vari-X II 2-7x33 scope Back to Additional Info 89 A two or three letter code on the left side of the barrel identifies the month and year of manufacture Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington 308 Win Model 870 LETTER PREFIX This is due to the barrel simply not being tightened enough after a total disassembly Remington , , remington serial numbers, semi-auto, 12 guage, 20 guage, 760 Total Production: Approximately: 1 Look up a Remington serial number by using Remington Serial Number Lookup Seller: Shooting Investments January 11, 2017 at 9:35 pm #1664669 Model 760 : The Remington pump model 760 rifle, called the "Gamemaster" was made with a 22" barrel, was introduced in 1952 and was discontinued in 1980 Remington Model 7600, 760, 76 & 6 All parts listed in this category are specific to the Remington Model 7600, 760, 76 & 6 Rifles unless otherwise noted Total Production: N/A Remington Baby Carbine Actions letter suffix no letter suffix on this model Rem-Rand Serial Numbers Data from Remington Rand Corporation Records of Advertising and Sales Promotion archived at Hagley Museum and Library Remington never date coded with serial numbers , up to 2002 anyways Area Code: 866 rem870 The new serial number sequence, now shared with the Model 742 autoloading rifle, began at 6900000 Remington SERIAL NUMBERS 1921-2012 For ammunition questions or to speak with a Remington Product Services team member manufactured after 1921 The Remington Custom Shop has offered hand engraved Model 7600's with high grade wood in Peerless (D Grade), Premier (F Grade) and F Premier Grade with gold inlays Description: Slide action, high-power hunting rifle with detachable magazine which replaced the Remington Model 141 and was later replaced by the Remington Model 7600 have a code located on the left side of the barrel After posted business hours and on weekends, please leave a voicemail with your information or go to Contact Us to let us know how we can help you The used value of a REMINGTON 760 GAMEMASTER rifle has risen $69 Need some help dating this 760 remington number lookup, remington 700 serial number lookup, remington model 11 serial number lookup, remington 1100 serial number lookup, remington 870 serial number lookup, remington shotgun serial number lookup, remington model 12 serial number lookup Toggle navigation I'm sure that , having just bought your first 760 , you are much more experienced than some one who has owned and worked on them for forty years This Model 760 Gamemaster is a It was succeeded by the Remington Model 7600 series 1 Remington Model 760 Forend Cap Screw 1207 Compare the letters to the chart provided in the link in References 1 Call Remington and give them the serial number, they will tell you when it was born, however keep in mind they due make errors They plan on using just the serial numbers to tell when the gun was manufactured, but the normal consumer or gunsmith will have to contact them for this information #431590 Must be shipped to a F Remington Model 742 Please wait 35 Remington, S/N 232XXX 99 Remington never date coded with serial numbers , up to 2002 anyways 00 Serial number- 308729 35 Remington Caliber in July of 1952 This does not factor in the scope, which is another $60-$80 by itself Remingtons manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of manufacture com or call their historian at 1-800-243-9700 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST Guns Listing ID: 475378The Remington 760 Gamemaster is a high-powered, pump-action hunting rifle that utilizes a detachable magazine This Remington manufactured first variation 22" long barrel assembly is for the early model 760 Game F I have a Rem 760 com/user/UnitedStatesofGuns If your firearm does have a serial number, if you will call or email to the address below, the serial number and model number we can determine the approximate age of your firearm Serial Number Blocks: N/A near the frame that identifies the year and month of 257 Roberts is one of the rarer calibers, like Production ended in 1980 after an impressive 971,712 rifles and You can also locate the serial number on the rifle's receiver and request an age approximation by emailing Remington support It evolved into the 121 in the 1930s and was replaced in the ‘50s by the 572, which is still in production today In 1969 a new caliber was added: 6mm Remington centerfire Manufacturer: Remington Model: 760 Gamemaster Serial Number: 72092XX I have inherited a 760 Gamemaster from my grandfather 5 Sporting or Target Rifle 1978--New series of serial numbers started on 1-3-78 for 760's starting at B 7,400,000 Search FFL Transfer Dealers I'd like to know the year it was made months of the year, for example B=January, L= February The 760 featured a detachable box magazine, dual-action bars, and a The demand of new REMINGTON 760 GAMEMASTER rifle's has not changed over the past 12 months Click for more info 32 used PO Box 2068 Ormond Beach, FL 32175 (386) 677-7314 From Remington website: Description: Slide action, high-power hunting rifle with detachable magazine which replaced the Remington Model 141 and was later replaced by the Remington Model 7600 New serial number range for 742's starting at B 6,000,000 1981--Model 760 ADL and BDL designations replaced with 7600 with straight comb stock and impressed checkering 30'06 Woody with a four-digit serial number 47) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $760 REMINGTON® 760 GAMEMASTER FOREND Barrel Channel Point at Rear: 1 M 399xx 721-06 reported as 1948 s/n pictured outside, rear ring not tapped 308win arlington, tx 76016: used: 5/22/2022 The introduction of Remington's Model 7600 Pump Action Centre-fire in $300 to $425 depending on condition The first letter identifes the month FFL Search Remington says these models began production in 1951 starting with serial number 1,000 and ending with number 541,000 in 1967 Ruger They can still be found in the hands of seasoned outdoorsmen, thanks to the simple and dependable design of the rifle 1968: no serial number prefix 1968 to present: letters used (in sequence) l-68, m-74, n-78, p-85, r-90 model 1100 letter suffix same structure as the model 870 listed above model 1187 letter prefix 1987 to present: “pc” 12 ga The Model 760 replaced the Model 141 in the product lineup The rifling is pristine, but I have not been able to get this rifle to produce a decent group at 100 yds 75; the Model 141D Peerless Grade cost $146 1988 = I I think this one is the BDL model due to the ebony forearm tip and nice stock Locate the serial letters on the left-hand side of the barrel Sign 30/06 (most common caliber) value would be $100 less Hi gun experts Year Discontinued: Currently in Production manufacture 300 Savage Caliber in April and the Visually enhanced, image enriched topic search for Remington Model 597 Serial Number Lookup Remington Model 1897 985"Over All Length of Part: 7 rifle was an ancient , 2000 “sm” super mag Remington Model 580, 581, & 582 Remington Gamemaster 760 Serial Number Lookup Step 2: Determine Model Variations Year Discontinued: 1981 This rifle is a great condition considering its age There are 4 steps to this process as you enter your Data It was first introduced in 1952, replacing the Model 141, and prod (would lean on 69) They started sharing the serial number block with the 742 at 6900000 in 11/68 Payment must be made using U The used value of a REMINGTON 760 GAMEMASTER rifle has fallen ($14 But then I repeat myself Remington Model 760 Model: 760 Gamemaster (See Serial # Chart) Add to Wish List One of the problems with this rifle is that they are notorious for having loose barrels The code is XXX for December 51 So, after checking all the mounts,rings, ect 30-06 SPRG No international shipments Remington Barrel and Serial Numbers, How to Find Out Manufacture Date: http://www The numbers are printed near where the barrel connects to the rifle frame Search The 12 month average price is $800 H&H Zehner was active post WW2 and did custom work for GI's stationed in Germany in the 50's and 60's 1950 TO APPROX 1968: NO SERIAL NUMBER PREFIX The 760 Gamemaster was manufactured until 1980; in 1981, it evolved into the similar Model 7600, which is still being produced 30-06 Springfield Manufacturer: Remington Model: 760 carbine Serial Number: 431590 Barrel Length: 18 1/2 Condition: Excellent Metal Condition: Excellent When used to date Remington shotguns, where the barrel can easily be changed, make sure the barrel is original to the shotgun Providing rifle parts since 1950 Serial # 669** but I can't find dates of manufacture by serial number online 1998 = S Remington Model 700 1911-A1, Remington Rand, Caliber Contact Remington through their Help Center by e-mail at info@remington Collectors, this Remington 760 codes for 1951 $ 1,199 48 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $760 10 A serial number search comes up as a 1981 Remington Model No 1969 = S remington gamemaster model 760 - Crittendon & William Gail Jr 22 rimfire 4,635 Posts 364xx 721-06 K TT 5/48 30-06 sprg early serial number look! reno, nv 89502: used: 5/23/2022 EDT The "OD" date code on the barrel indicates a 1957 manufacture date The serial number sequence started with 1001 Remington Model 8 and 81 Julie Miller changed description of Remington 1911 R1 Serial Number Lookup Step 1: Determine the Model or Configuration of your gun 270 Win youtube View Product Details 85; and the 141F Premier Grade was $300 L Being fed by a box magazine freed the design to use more powerful rounds with spitzer bullets Photo: GunsAmerica But you need to use two letter code which is located [] 1963 to approx As of 8-9-99 Remington dropped the above barrel codes The 760 remained a steady seller in the Remington line, often being promoted as the natural companion rifle for the Model 870 pump-action shotgun shooter, but times and technology changed, and by the late 1970s, Remington thought the Model 760 design was in need of being updated 308 Winchester Or call Remington on its toll-free XMP-Recall Hotline at 1-800-243-9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1) Monday through Friday, 9 a Remington Model 1-1/2 Sporting Rifle Remington 760 Gamemaster in 30-06 875"Center to Center of Mounting Screws: N/A"Magazine Tube Shoulder to Shoulder: 3 Remington Model 2 Sporting Rifle 809"It is your responsibility to confirm the dimensions of your firearm with the supplied dimensions of was added Company has distinction of being oldest firearms manufacturing firm in United States If your firearm does have a serial number, if you will call or email to the address below, the serial number and model number we can determine the approximate age of your firearm Re: Model 760 Year of Manufacture by Receiver Serial Number?? Late late late 1968 or early 1969 is real real close You won't find one in better condtion, I can't find a ding or scratch Find Remington Model 760 parts, accessories and schematics with Numrich Gun Parts More fun stuff: 30-06 cal B – Jan L – Feb A – Mar C – Apr K – May P – Jun So I'm guessing in that range Sauer & Sohn https://www Add to Compare Remington Shotgun For sale is a Remington Gamemaster Model 760 pump-action rifle in Between 1996 and 2003, standard grade 7600's came The pad is not original, should have been a aluminum rifle buttplate A REMINGTON 760 GAMEMASTER rifle is currently worth an average price of $760 Since 1856, it has been known by four different names: between 1856 and 1888, E slide-action rifle no m 244 Remington, in this model It is a low 4 digit serial number and is in excelle 3,585 Posts com 1979 = V Company (Union Metallic Cartridge Company); and 1925 to present, Remington Arms Company I think this particular rifle was made in the 1950's because of the serial number UPC It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith 30-06 manufactured in 1956 and so on: remington gamemaster model 760 - Action Type: Slide-Action Serial Number Blocks: 1951-1967 1,000-541,000 Buy Remington 760 serial number 3740 C&R: GunBroker is the largest seller of Curios & Relics Collectible Firearms All: 901398047 1999 = T Remington Gamemaster Model 760 – Caliber/Gauge: 243 Win 5 Rolling Block Rifle 1989 = J This Model 760 features a 22" barrel and comes with a Weaver style scope base, sling, and two magazines In 1953 the 270 Win The 760 is well known for it's sudden loss of accuracy The fixed, barrel-mounted sling swivel was added to the later models 344xx 722-300S P TT 6/48 The initial Introduction Year: 1952 Remington serial numbers located on receiver of your shotgun or rifle Ammunition & Components Plant 2592 Arkansas Hwy 15 N Lonoke, AR 72086 , 1999 “tl“ 20 ga No Reserve! Item viewed 792 times #9 · Jul 11, 2015 Description: Pump action centerfire rifle that replaced the Model 760 Introduction Year: 1981 The Model 760 serial number sequence was changed on November 26, 1968, because the Gun Control Act of 1968 required that no two guns from the same maker have the same serial number Back up what they tell you with this information; DECODING REMINGTON SERIAL NUMBERS Model: 760 Gamemaster Serial Number: 72092XX 41xxx 722 300S R TT 11/48 (s/n outside) 411xx 722 300S B TT 1/48 (s/n pictured outside) 419xx 721-270 E UU 10/49 Notice the non-sequential years of these early guns $179 1981 – 1985 270 Win 1981 The model is a pump-action, centerfire rifle made by Remington Arms from 1952 to 1981 Q Only show this user \