Professional ways to answer the phone. • Make sure your voice radiates a sincere, helpful and excited tone 14 Get their business card after the interview too it’ll make this and all of your follow-ups easier Once you have the name and phone number, ask And the opposite is also true Skill Example: Quick Phone Answering Tips to Follow what is the best way to answer the phone at work? The best way is the way recommended by management Your greeting is the first thing that people hear when they call you, and you want to make a good impression on them Top 15 Rules of Phone Etiquette at Work 1 Do not answer the phone while eating or drinking As the existing answers show, there are any number of polite ways of saying the same thing and you won't get consensus on the most polite way Give Progress Take the time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate 20 Creative Ways to Answer the Phone In this case, it’s always great to have a phone script on The First Impression This question could also easily degrade into an almost endless list of polite ways Your receptionist can’t create a great first impression when their mouth is full of food Some words can get humorously confused for other accents, for example: If you say the words ‘beer can’ with a British accent, it can sound It varies depending on the locale, the company culture, the nature of the business, the desires of management, and the nature of the caller (internal versus external, for example) When people answer the phone in the office, they should answer professionally Good morning (afternoon, etc Go ahead and try it First, make the introduction to the new contact When you first answer the phone, say your own name and the name of the business If, however, you're answering a direct line to you only, you can answer a bit differently #2 The phone should be answered with a positive greeting such as “Hello,” “Good Morning,” or “Good Afternoon,” etc Better yet, combine two or three of these options in your greeting! Welcome your callers with a few warm words before saying anything else Do not pick the call too quickly; do not delay in picking it also It’s important to offer a welcoming greeting to give an immediate impression of friendliness and warmth Types of Incoming Calls There are better ways to answer your phone than “Yeah?” or “Hello Answering the phone on a direct line Another rare and old-fashioned way to answer the phone is with an extension number, e Be prepared Hello Keep your greeting short but informative, with just enough information to let the caller know whether he has reached the right destination 1 Prior to answering the telephone, it would be a good idea to take a deep breath Address the beginning of the call – The way you greet a customer can significantly impact the rest of the interaction A receptionist’s greeting sets the tone for the call The worst way I've ever heard a phone answered was at an optometrist's office in New Jersey where the receptionist simply said, "Offices When returning calls, the response should occur within one business day and if possible the same day If you're looking for Professional Ways To Answer The Phone, we've got answers to all your questions Be an active listener Be consistent Pamela: “I called in reference to the status of your current project Prepare a A good practice is to ask that food and gum stay away from the receptionist area Receptionist Greeting Scripts: 15 Professional Ways to Answer the Phone 1 They want to be done as quickly as possible Many times the customer will think they are talking directly to your Hello, thanks for calling [company] Here are a few telephone answering tips to For example, it is polite to thank the caller for reaching out, reminding them of the business name and share with them the name of the person they are speaking with If the caller needs to be reached in the future, ask for a return phone number “Good morning, it’s a great day at [Office Name] Have everyone answer the business line Step 3: “I will [do XX] and contact you [provide a specific day or time of the week] It is the shortest way to say hello The longer they let your phone ring before answering it, the more agitated your callers are likely to grow Gary: “I’m doing very well, thank you Greeting a lukewarm or skeptical caller with a cold, impersonal tone can prompt them to turn to a competitor Remember, the first impression means a lot Give your full attention to what the customer is saying Every individual needs to have their own individual voicemail box greeting set up This can also be used when you answer someone else’s phone, for example if the phone on the next desk keeps ringing when your colleague isn’t there Moderate the volume of your voice, and slowly speak when answering the phone When you answer the phone, it’s not just the beginning of a call #1 When answering a business phone it is important that it is not allowed to ring more than three times Hey! This is another short and casual hello, usually used with someone you know By mentioning your skills from the very beginning, you have a much better chance of sparking up a conversation with someone who’s interested Begin your company’s greeting with “Hello,” or “Thank you for calling,” or, if most of your callers are in the same time zone, try “Good morning/afternoon DO'S Picking too quickly may take the client by surprise or unprepared while delaying to pick is not polite Be Quick: The rule of thumb is that they must answer your phone before the third ring in order to not annoy your callers Answer at the Second Ring When you pick up the phone, remember that your voice may be the only impression the customer Your voice on the phone is sometimes the only "Thanks for calling Company Name" This keeps the conversation personable and can make the customer feel more connected to you If you want to know the "best" way to answer the phone in your How to Answer the Phone at Work 1 Typically in business environments, it is considered more professional to say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” rather than “Hello Offer a personal welcome Greeting and Introducing Yourself Formal This is Laure from [company name] 12 When you display friendliness as you talk, it reflects in your voice during the call I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what 6 ” (but not “Thanks for your calling” X) - Caller: “Thanks for the information Have a Professional Phone Greeting As such, in this section, we will go over some essential office phone etiquette This allows a live person to answer the phone after hours, especially if the patient is having an emergency Always remember you are in a professional setting Delaying to answer your business phone calls also makes your company look unserious or lazy “Hello, this is Susan!” is an infinitely more professional way to answer a call than a simple “Hi Use it hard A professional way to answer the phone is: hai, はい、 でございます ( de gozaimasu), “This is XX Pick at the second ring Here are three: 1 If the food isn’t there as a temptation, callers won When answering the phone, welcome callers courteously and identify yourself and your organization Don’t ramble onbabble and take 5 minutes to answer 1 question (also known as nervous chatter) – aim for 2 minutes on average per answer to a competency based question People generally call a business for answers and receptionists should have them prepared for callers You don’t Viewing complaints as an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship Sometimes a newer receptionist has less familiarity with the proper responses to typical questions Call Now: 1-833-497-0083 Select a default greeting that you will say each time a customer calls It’s an invitation to a caller to be a long-standing supporter of your brand 4 Smile as you talk on the phone The best way to start is to jot down the caller’s name and confirm the spelling Announce yourself Best Answering Service Have a standard greeting and use it each time you pick up the phone Record the message in it's entirety, and pass it along to the recipient promptly Consider tone of voice – The tone used on a phone call is very important Ask Permission and Say Thanks Take notes, ask questions and respond with affirmations that you’re paying attention Of course many questions don’t require more than a minute answer For most businesses, a standard greeting works best, and you may want to issue a universal company policy where all phone calls are answered in the same way ” Clearly Simple, right? Remembering to use proper telephone etiquette, whether answering or making calls, leaves your respondents with a favorable impression of you, your department, and Lehigh in general Susan speaking It takes a high degree of professionalism and trust to work in a small business in a role that includes inbound telephone calls Take a Deep Breath Get familiar with your phone, and learn how to transfer calls Answering the telephone with a Here are a few tips for the best way to answer a 3 Advise employees that the second or third ring is the ideal time to pick up the telephone 10 We can’t stress this enough “When one needs to work with a client in detail and manage the nuances of the conversation, a phone call is still the best communication channel,” says John Kinskey, founder and Develop a Rhythm Make sure there are clearly established expectations for how customers are to be greeted when they call No phone call is worth it when you can return it once you’re finished and present a more professional image Hi there! Hey there! Another informal hello, “Hi there!” can be used with someone you know well, like a friend, neighbor or co-worker Answer the phone with a relaxed and pleasant tone The following suggestions are helpful for making your phone conversations more effective When You Don’t Understand Someone You don’t want your callers to have to ask whether they reached the right company or misdialed Presenting information and solutions in the customer’ language Or: お電話ありがとうございます (o-denwa arigatō gozaimasu), “Thank you for calling Next, ask if there is anything else you can do to help the caller, and thank them for their patience Check back with the caller within 30 seconds How to answer the phone professionally 1 Let the caller finish, and ask relevant follow up questions 5 How can I help you today?” Professional Ways to Answer a Business Phone The easiest way to become memorable when introducing yourself is by communicating your capabilities and achievements The average length of a single ring is about six seconds, so if you let your phone ring five times, you 're looking for a 30-second wait — which may make your callers feel frustrated Offer a greeting A little courtesy goes a long way! Even with all of the new ways to communicate these days, the telephone is still a primary means of communication in business DON’T smoke or chew gum during the call Avoiding “red flag” words and phrases that annoy customers Always ask before putting a caller on hold Even with all of the new ways to communicate these days, the telephone is still a primary means of communication in business ” Answer your next phone call by saying, “hello, it’s the fish market Listen Carefully An additional offering that a physician’s office may use is an answering service This technique can help you maintain a positive tone throughout the conversation Making this simple change when you answer the phone might make a bigger impact than anything else From the fact that you said people were asking for you by name I assumed you were answering the main phones Introduce the caller to the individual or department you are transferring them to If they are eating food or chewing gum, your caller won’t be able to hear them clearly Make sure that you get the caller’s name and create a personal connection to help them feel valued, no matter why they’re calling 5: May I have your phone number/email address? Step 2: Just to confirm, your name is [caller’s full name] and your phone number (or email address) is [caller’s phone number or email address] That’s what sets you apart from the others [GET] Professional Way To Answer The Phone At Work | latest · The 8 Rules of Phone Etiquette at Work Ring, Ring, Ring How can I help you? (Professional) Informal Hello For this reason, every phone interaction is critical 7 Next, ask for the caller’s phone number, and repeat the phone number to them Talk about the future Speak Clearly So Your Caller Can Understand You Easily Avoid putting several calls on hold at once Answer right away Follow these 8 rules for good phone etiquette on the job How you answer your phone says a lot about your attitude to work If you receive the first contact with the customer, take 100% of the responsibility to guide the caller to a place where there will be a resolution ” Try adding your name in there, as well as a To ask someone to please hold, you can say: ちょっと待ってください (chotto matte kudasai), or more honorifically in Answer the phone in a professional manner How to Answer the Phone Tips Answer all incoming phone calls before the third ring Answer Right Away The questions below are always polite and professional to use in a conversation when you don’t understand someone or didn’t hear them clearly This gives reassurance to the person on the other end that you have noted everything accurately Greeting the Caller When you answer the phone for an interview, do so with great energy while remaining professional Step 1 Using phrases such as "thank you" and "please" are essential in displaying To start, here are 10 phone etiquette tips for call center customer service for small businesses “(Good morning), extension 767” Always ask the caller's name and who their message is for The way that you answer a business call will form your customer’s first impression of you and your business BURP! Now, how funny is this! You don’t even have to say anything, and you might be making the other person go crazy with laughter Updated on December 27, 2020 When answering phone calls at work, pick up by the second or third ring When you’re applying for an administrative, receptionist, customer service, or other office position, a typical job interview question will be "Are you comfortable using a phone system with multiple lines and handling a high volume of telephone calls?" In your response, you want to express that you’re For instance, you can state the name of your organization, introduce yourself by name and ask how " It was less personal than saying "hello," and yet callers had no idea what sort of "offices" they'd actually reached or if they'd just dialed the wrong number Once you get back on the line, thank them for their patience Proper phone etiquette at work applies to every staff member with a business phone, not just the front office and customer service representatives A little courtesy goes a long way! 1 This is a classic way to greet someone Receptionists of the world will tell you that the gold standard in telephone answer phrases is, “Thank you for calling [insert company name here], this is Jamie Creating a quick script can help you clarify these questions 2 13 Be Sure to Smile g Every phone ring is equal to six seconds 9 Professional Ways for How to Answer the Phone at Work 1 Explain to the caller why their call needs to be transferred How can I assist you today? This is polite, direct, and ensures that you give It might be counterintuitive in the business world, but it is better to never answer the telephone Pick up by the Second or Third Ring DO take notes and have your own notes handy prior to the call Skill Example: I’m returning your call Answer the phone by the third ring Answering the Phone Formal Hello )! What can I do for you today? Again, this is simple and direct, but it Do not use slang or unprofessional words and phrases Don’t talk to customers while eating, and avoid using vague or ambiguous words Take responsibility for all the calls you answer and tell your callers that you intend to help If your job involves answering the phone and handling calls from customers, suppliers, or other companies, the way you answer the phone can directly affect the performance Be polite There’s nothing worse than hearing the system answer with the automated voice The Asking questions to clarify customer needs and preferences Taking full responsibility for the call 11 This article outlines seven fundamentals of professional phone etiquette your employees need to practice HOW TO ANSWER THE PHONE AT WORK (LIKE A PRO) / What’s the best way to answer the phone at work? How to answer the phone professionally isn’t rocket science, For example, “Good morning and thank you for I noticed you had turned in all of your data, and I wanted to call and congratulate you on your persistance in Most people will not wait a long time on the phone Final lines in phone calls As well as the standard “Thanks for (all) your help”/ “Thanks for your call”, other possibilities for polite language with “Thank you/ Thanks” right at the end of a call include: - Receiver: “Thanks for calling Answer within three rings If necessary, ask if you can call the patient back in a few minutes Thank you for returning my call When you answer the phone, be warm, enthusiastic, and professional Good phone etiquette will always be a crucial element to winning customers and building business relationships Act like its a fish market Use a simple greeting that includes the name of the company and asks how you can assist Stan’s office, this is An example is: “Good morning, this is Jeff Wiener speaking Yes, it is a certified, funny way to answer the phone (Personal) Hello, thank you for calling [name of company] Phone Imagine if you let the phone ring five to six times Answer by the third ring Be respectful, and do whatever you can to accommodate the caller’s needs DO answer the phone with a professional tone “Hello this is [your first name]” Rather than telling a customer, “That’s not my department,” here is a better way Here’s a few tips for funny ways to answer the phone: Use foreign accents: If you don’t want to sound like, well, you, then try on a few accents! Find one that you can master and use it • Keep caller hold times as low as possible; ensuring immediate assistance On the other hand, answering a call on the first ring can catch people off guard This is Susan – how can I help you? (Professional) Good morning (good afternoon), this is Susan Home; Industries 10 phone etiquette tips for businesses A lot of interview questions are going to be about your past: Past experience, past successes, past failures In other words, smile when you answer the phone! Be upbeat and positive But one key to giving great interview answers is to talk about the future too If you’re a jokey or humorous character, that’s great and can even ease the tense interview environment This is important to maintain your professionalism and ensure the customer that you know that their time is valuable In this instance, you are the face of the company and need to be more formal and accommodating Simple, right? Working as a receptionist comes with the territory of answering a lot of questions It can be easy • Always answer all incoming calls within the first 2 rings Remember, people don’t want to stay on the phone for long • Have a standard answer greeting to create uniformity in your branding This is Susan Pamela: “Hi Gary, I hope you are doing well And this should sound professional Hi The medical office administrative assistant will encounter a wide variety of questions and requests when answering the telephone Answer Calls Promptly The best calls begin with someone answering the phone saying, “Hello, this is _____ "Thanks for calling Company Name" A professional greeting may sound something like, “Thank you for calling Dr Out of respect Actively listening and actually comprehending what the customer is saying is a skill that can be developed with proper training and practice Professional phone services are trained to handle your phone calls for your business, they are trained to know everything from a-z about your company; they are trained to answer questions and concerns, and they can also order products and items based on the customer’s needs Employees must be able to sound sincere and Answering with an upbeat message can calm an angry caller It is important that this is accurate It's courteous to pick up the phone promptly to avoid making callers wait DON’T take a long time to answer the questions Avoid Eating & Chewing Gum If possible, aim to pick up the third ring Be sure to watch the video lesson to get some useful pronunciation tips so you sound more natural when you use these questions #3 I’m returning your call When you answer the phone at work, always state the business name and introduce yourself Exercise patience with challenging callers DO allow the interviewer to interrupt you and ask follow-up questions It all starts with a smile Active listening can help you deal with concerns on the first attempt and wrap-up a call quickly Whether they’ve reached the wrong person or Speak with a If you have to go off the line for any reason, be sure to ask the customer’s permission first