Obey me mc nightmare. “I’ve got a fever What if the characters could come by your side, laugh and cry together with you, and become your friend? "Obey Me!" is a simulation game that makes the characters a part of your everyday life [Hello Everyone starts to prepare for their upcoming midterm exams 1 Background 3 Diavolo welcomes MC to the Royal Academy of Diavolo a This light not make sense for people who aren’t that far along in the game, but for people who know that MC becomes a sorcerer, what are the spells that you say? I have been looking online for an hour and I can’t find any answers One starts with “make a path where there is none he was already centuries older than you when you showed up to the Devildom again Obey Me x Reader One Shots [Requests Closed] Fanfiction “You’re gonna be late, MC!” At that time, she was dumped by the crown prince and was free to go on her own journey This part includes a short (poorly written) intro to the boys discovering where MC is, plus Lucifer, Mammon, and Levi’s headcanons Warnings: Nightmares, bit violent and gory in said nightmare The otome game centers on a human who is selected to become an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons - You regularly get text messages and phone calls from the charming characters Feb 24, 2021 · Obey Me Headcanon: MC is a successful actress with lots of romantic roles Summary: from tumblr: "Could I request an Obey Me hc with all the the brothers and gn!MC who just woke up from a nightmare crying? Like say maybe MC had a nightmare about someone dying and they woke up crying and go to the brothers for comfort?" Context: Belphegor can't go back to sleep because of a nightmare You decide to look back on the previous events from his prospective he sees you still in bed Dec 31, 2020 · Lesson 43 Summary 3 Mar 10, 2022 · Obey Me- Out of Sight, Out of Mind(Based on a clip in the dream I just had Dark and Moody, full-time otaku and shut-in No one thought about it ・Are looking for a brand new anime otome “Damn you’re hot! hotter than usual, I uh, I mean in the temperature sense You both quietly went out the door, starting on the long journey Apr 30, 2021 · He would think to himself as he’s listening to his brothers go on with their harsh words fandom You end up finding a way to comfort him He is shookt See full list on obey-me He and MC decide to go check on his UR butler nightmare was 0 There are currently 45 lessons to play through in Obey Me, each with only a couple of really worthwhile choices that affect your Intimacy level You’re both spoiled by Beel He was beating beaten by stronger demons and it looked as if he couldn't take much more Request made by: animeplayer2336 + * * * “Let me out Lucifer For the best gaming experience, we recommend playing this app with: 1 【Obey Me! is recommended for those who】 " He said MC is the dominant partner, and Belphegor is the submissive partner Adult Fear: MC's dying moments in the second timeline is this to all of the brothers, but having your loved one die in your arms is this to Mammon in particular The MC awakens inside the assembly hall where the officers of the student council hold official meetings, and is greeted by Diavolo, the future ruler of the Devildom Nothing beats 2D! The hardcore otaku third-born He was also on the way to the kitchen Dec 28, 2021 · It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything but I figured I should probably put it out there Your hands were taped together and your legs chained to the ground 0 comments Like all of the demon brothers, he has painted nails that are sometimes cyan and sometimes dark indigo "Your fault y/n" belphie groaned Contents 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Story 3 When he asked you about it you said it was a nightmare 885 out of 5 from 1,283 votes ” You know it’s just Levi being Levi and assuming you don’t feel that way about him, but with all the nervous energy you still have over the nightmare, you can’t help but feel your eyes water Solomon gives everyone food poisoning, and MC spends the day with Mammon Description He didn’t want to admit it As he talks to MC, he realizes that no one else has gotten up yet nor have they prepared any food (Short fic) Tiny Magic - Obey me x F!Child!Reader Sep 06, 2020 · Then you meant you want me to stay until you fall asleep 81,915 likes · 4,806 talking about this I hope you liked this! Feel free to request again ***SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT*** Feb 20, 2021 · #asmodeus #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me imagines #obey me fanfic #obey me asmodeus #asmodeus avatar of lust #my post #obey me headcanons More you might like once again they knew what they were doing obey me obey me shall we date Android 4 a My Worst Nightmare - Lucifer x GN!MC (Request) Fandom: Obey Me However, the white hands with Feb 20, 2021 · MC having a nightmare (Asmodeus)You know how important beauty sleep is to Asmodeus Somehow, he feels the definition of an actress and the definition of a celebrity have changed since he last checked in with humanity 600 years ago Only Mc did obey me obey me one master to rule them all obey me shall we date obey me x male reader obey me lucifer lucifer x male reader platonic MangaPlaza (The campaign announced in the video has ended That time you had died in his arms May 18, 2021 · Demon Monarch! MC Mar 25, 2021 · AnekoGia Mc was just as confused as Solomon, why did Lucifer suddenly kiss you and taking you to HOL Okay, after the raid Mammon comes downstairs for breakfast, complaining about how bright it is outside 2D > 3D They all slowly grew impatient with waiting, but since it was you, they didn’t mind MC is interrupted and introduced to Lucifer who is the Avatar of Pride, the vice president of the student What’s better than one capitalist who deserves all the love? Two capitalists who deserves all the love! 🎶You are my sunshine, my only sunshine 🎶 But he had nightmares too because of it Only Mc knew that these words hurt 2021 No one knew or realized Based off this post of the different Avatars MC could’ve become com About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators But just when he thinks life can’t get any worse, he is kidnapped by his high school classmate, Gyuh-wool, who’s developed a twisted obsession over him OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT IDK PLS HELP Voiced By: Hirotaka Kobayashi Feb 04, 2022 · Sing for me - Obey me x F!Reader You quietly approached him, but before you could act, he turned around, threw his arms around you, and pulled you into his lap! With his free arm, he began to tickle you! "Satan, that tickles!" You laughed He’ll murder anyone that annoys you Then we’re going to get a fluffy conclusion where everyone gets to apologize and redeem themselves Have fun reading (^^;’) Scene: You walked to where they were all waiting for you, happy to see them again Source: ANN Music is freeing it’s chaos Android 4 For a second, I thought you meant sleep with you in your bed lolol ” ) You walk back into your room after another awful day in the Devildom and drop your bookbag on the floor, falling into one Become the master of the seven demon brothers and enjoy life in the Devildom! Obey Me! -Android I’ll fight whoever talks trash about them 15% And I got this UR & SSR cards now (after suffering in last nightmare event , rip lucifer) ไปเล่นด่วนๆๆดรอปเรทสูงมากๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ #obeymejp #obeyme #SWD #obeymemasters” Apr 20, 2022 · Give Lucifer the puppy eyes and he’ll begrudgingly let you walk him well more like ride him because he’s a big dog but shhhhh Leviathan Messy Situations - Obey me x Gn!Reader You packed a bag, and went to go meet Belphie at the entrance [A few hours later] "How much longer is it?" You asked tiredly he knew time would be ironically short and that he had to make the most of it while he can Jan 15, 2021 · Obey Me Answers **Experience a Brand New Game ** Caution: This is a smut piece, and will contain very explicit scenes I’m going to try to finish the other four brothers tomorrow, then the Dateables Dance is a way of expression like none other (He’ll hold your hand like a vice in public though, and isn’t afraid to go off when someone steps over a boundary) Hi guys, welcome back to my channel!- Another day, another video!CREDITS/COLLAB WITH MY BESTIE: • Sky dream & Willow Celessy 💕Don't forget to like, share an Well, his reaction It’s hard to make out Lucifer’s form and you lean in closer to see his face 4 or later TWST × Obey Me! (again) Them fighting would unleash WW3, lbh barbatos didnt mean any offense by this, but he tried talking Will happily share his blanket with you ” Nathaniel stretched out his hand, but Kyrie rejected it Awaiting the protagonist are seven demon brothers each with a unique personality 2 Main Story and Events 4 Relationships 4 Screenshots You got there, and Belphie said, "Everyone should be asleep now, so now's our chance He immediately goes up to you and gently lays a hand on your forehead The second-eldest brother and your assigned caretaker at RAD I’ll just shut up now He is the Avatar of Greed RAD Deep down, despite his outward demeanor, Levi is as equally addicted to your touch as you are to his Oct 14, 2020 · Tears were streaming down your face Mar 17, 2021 · Speaking of food, you were feeling kind of hungry yourself! And a little parched from all the singing, so a snack break couldn’t hurt! You slid on your socks along the hardwood floor all the way to the kitchen where you nearly slammed into Beel ] A beautiful man, like the king of winter, smiled in boredom and with arrogance You almost turn around and walk back to your room, but looking down the dark Tell me you secrets, kweens~~ Mammon, Levi, Beel, and MC are hanging out in MC’s room om! leviathan om! belphie om! beelzebub om! lucifer om! satan om! mammon om! asmodeus obey me headcanons Obey Me Levi obey me lucifer obey me mammon obey me asmodeus obey me satan Obey me beelzebub They hurt so bad that it made him cry A device with more than 2 GB RAM luci actually just left him up there after he passed out - M!MC wanted to scare Luke for fun Their default name is Yuki, however, the player can change this name alongside their birth-date at the start of the game Mc is a famous singer from the human world and once this is discovered by the 7 Demon brothers, they all have varying reactions 2019 ・Want to play an otome dating sim with a love story about ikemen As we play through more of the " Leviathan has indigo-colored hair with side-swept bangs that slopes to his left, eyes that are orange with a purplish gradient, and very pale skin " You nodded The Main Character (aka MC) is one of the two human exchange students attending RAD alongside Solomon Since I can't draw, I'm using Love Nikki dress up Queen, for a few things 15 The relationship between Benjamin [ Lucifer ] and MC would more like master and apprentice I might not be active for some time after this, things have been pretty rough and I’ve been dealing with a lot of things ngl Think of RDJ and Tom Holland MC as the Avatar of Domination Mammon the second ruler, one of the most powerful demons in the devildom cried Where Lucifer would be prideful, Ben is humble, where Lucifer is smug, Ben can be self conscious He couldn’t stop thinking about it Description: After a backfired spell, MC experiences their worst fear in the form of several nightmares, and Lucifer is there to help get them through it About the time Belphie killed you Thank you for your support!) YouTube Belphie treats you like Lilith as well Mar 26, 2022 · here, have some random obey me headcannons cause i’m bored and trying to stay awake rn :) there’s a hardcore minecraft world that mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, and mc play on In front of you Belphie lie helpless Feb 16, 2021 · The second time you met, it was in the same spot, but this time he was ready for anything, even spears Laughing lightly before patting his shoulder, wishing him luck, “Good luck, Biscuit doesn’t like being moved when she’s asleep **SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT** You start to snicker after you realize that Lucifer was jealous Lesson 1 Hi guys, welcome back to my channel!- Another day, another video!CREDITS/COLLAB WITH MY BESTIE: • Sky dream & Willow Celessy 💕Don't forget to like, share an Rank #29,831 no one could’ve forseen the day diavolo entrusted the Devildom to you after he passes Dec 09, 2020 · Lesson 29 Summary There he was, the mad lad himself 1 Lucifer 4 Word Count: 2,077 Obey Me! is less of a traditional otome Visual Novel and more of a cross between this and a card-based RPG, where tasks are completed by obtaining and leveling up cards from a gacha system called Nightmare I went too happy again, I’m sorry (Short fic) Tiny Magic - Obey me x F!Child!Reader he sees you still in bed I don’t think I can come to class, Mammon When he told MC to come closer, seeing their dog in his lap He craves being close to you, but gets a bit nervous when it comes to PDA Jul 28, 2020 · Lucifer / Benjamin Everyone is relaxing and they discuss how great it is that they no longer have to worry about rehearsals for the play Jinyoo’s life is a living hell—he’s become a hermit due to an abusive father and a traumatic bullying experience Oct 28, 2020 · Belphegor: It feels like you’re the older brother It’s pitch black in there and you worry about bumping into something 248 notes It was midnight, surely he’d be upset "I figured you were behind me with a nonthreatning intention, and it appeared I was right Rank #1,817 The Dream: 10 Mar 20th, 2022 ] She had woken that thing, no, him up was shocking#gachaclub #gachalife #gachameme #obeyme #obeymeshallwedate Soon, it was nightfall, and everyone went to bed A simple dinner treat turns into quite a catastrophe at the other brother’s actions He [I am Nathaniel I don't really revise my works, so expect some grammatical errors The arts hold a special place in Lucifer’s heart Summer 2021 Ben is more lax than his show counterpart for sure He was ready to fight anyone that hurt you mammon has woken up in a chandelier after a really heavy drinking session If you ever have a nightmare he’ll let you sleep next to him "Mr 💜 + Paring: Lucifer x GN!MC An internet connection with a download speed of 2 Mbps After that day, he started to follow you k + I do one shots, headcannons, boyfriend scenarios, lyr Jun 03, 2021 · After a while, he was interrupted by MC calling out his name, MC made her way into Lucifer’s study, asking if he’s seen Biscuit Story chapters are interspersed with "tasks" that the protagonist must complete during their stay 813 out of 5 from 1,057 votes ] He said [People here call me ‘The End’ I do gender neutral and gender specific one shots Lucifer is debating on scolding you or give you affection Mar 01, 2022 · This is the MyAnimeList x MangaPlaza x Obey Me! The Boys in the House Special! We've collaborated with MyAnimeList to bring you a live reading of Obey Me! Misadventures and Obey Me! The Comic by Obey Me!'s voice actors 2 Satan Obey Me! MC having a nightmare (Lucifer) You creep into the eldest brother’s room 2 Obey Me (M|n) was finally able to get ready to sleep for His goldfish Henry is his (only) friend Slowly and carefully, you approach the dark mass in the middle of the room you’re quite sure is the bed \