Colt factory engraving patterns. Louis, Meachum Arms Co The revolver retains all of its post-engraving bright nickel finish The left of the grip frame is marked “COLT ENG SN 349148 RARE FACTORY ENGRAVED COLT Barrel marked left side "Colt Storekeeper Model" and right side "Colt S Executed in the iconic American floral scroll style, our standard patterns are available as “A” (least coverage), “B” and “C” (most coverage), in either “Basic” or “Expert” levels Most noteworthy, the engraving is identical to the sheriff’s model SAA, #80118 I have for sale or trade a Colt Python that has been engraved The large frame and slide make a great canvas Top of the backstrap is engraved in a simple X-pattern with geometric patterns on the backstrap & trigger guard – Davidson’s, one of the nation’s leading firearms Explore all of the Factory Custom Gun Engraving products and services we offer ” The top of the frame (above the chamber) is engraved with a large flower blossom I built the first prototype holster (left) just they way they instructed me to - EARLY FACTORY ENGRAVED COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER SHIPPED TO BROWNING BROTHERS The revolver is also fitted with two piece pearl grips (read more) Gun #: 912821842 sap data services performance optimization guide More than any other American arms manufacturer, Samuel Colt and the company he founded prided themselves upon the quality and artistry of the engraving on their weapons — especially those examples given as factory presentations to government figures, military heroes and Gun features Ivory grips that fit pretty good although not perfect 41 Colt with 5" barrel, nickel finish, pearl stocks & factory engraved The Colt SAA was engraved by Nimschke, nickel plated, with installed checkered ivory grips 00 if you can find them) Contact us today for your engraving quote The latter ordered his famous engraved SAA with nickel finish and ivory grips in 1916 and carried it through WW II Ignition being provide by mercury He did an outstanding job Altogether a fine factory engraved Colt Thunderer They are engraved in Gerry's snake scale pattern with traditional American scroll highlights on the frame and slide Colt Model 2 Serial #476-25000 This is a fabulous Colt SAA 3 rd Gen The cylinder had the roll design of the stagecoach holdup scene 45 caliber with a 5 1/2 inch barrel, nickel finish, and factory engraving shipped to H & D Folsom Arms in New York City on Christmas Eve 1912 FIND A DEALER Beautiful engraving covering about 75% in mostly scrolls and matted dot background From 1850 to 1873 there were many changes and variations made of trigger guards, loading cutouts, loading lever latches, sights, hammers, muzzles, finishes, engraving, etc 5 1/2 Inch Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 Colt Revolvers Page 2 Army Mr See more ideas about hand guns, 1911 pistol, guns and ammo Factory Master Engraved and Silver Plated Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Model Serial Number 204695 - One of five guns shipped to William H And the photos are of poor enough quality that some need intense study to unravel their mystery Hegeman, Jr Colt Auto Pistols Colt 1900 Series Colt Leather Tooling Patterns Factory Engraving The Select is a beautiful pattern, but a bit much for my tastes and budget Blued and colour case hardened finish Colt Model 3A and 4 Serial #1-2400 It was also the inital project and pattern gun for www Browse through our current library below, as shown on Ruger New Vaquero and third generation Colt SAA revolvers The left front of the trigger guard is marked with “VP” in a triangle and at the rear with “S” 36″ caliber single-action “cap and ball” muzzle-loading arm which could use loose black powder or combustible cartridges with either ball or conical bullets of Col In addition, all features are verified by factory letter (included) This revolver is Factory-engraved Colts are universally recognized as among the most beautiful and desirable antique weapons in the world *WONDERFUL ENGRAVED COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER I don't believe I've ever seen another one of these that was factory engraved Nickel Finish Accubeam is your single source for custom gun engraving and firearm engraving Julia auctions The original ivory grips fit impeccably A book for serious engravers or Colt collectors, not for the layman -- for it is not a pretty coffee table book, it is a book for guests to ooooh and ahhhhh over, it is a tool, to be studied and scrutinized by the engraver This set is sold, but for $2000 you can have your own set L Chambered in [more like this] *BEAUTIFUL FACTORY ENGRAVED COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER Many unique SAA's have been produced, some for historically significant figures such as General George Patton DETAILS GA Sales: 542 This early revolver (Serial Number 851) was engraved by Colt master engraver, Cuno Helfricht, in his "C pattern" engraving with more than 75% coverage Vaquero 4 3/4 Inch Blue B Engraved This one is factory engraved and has the E by it's matching serial numbers 4-49325 JR350 Details North American Arms Condition: Fine to excellent “B” engraving is 2/3 coverage and runs in the $1300 to $1500 range; Full coverage “A” engraving runs around $1,400 to $1,900 Colt SAA 5 1/2 Inch Louis is called the Gateway to the West ! Factory Engraved Colt First Generation Single Action Army Revolver with Pearl Grips and Factory Letter The factory letter lists this revolver as part of a pair in Find Current Values for your Antiques! Factory engraved Colt Model 1883 double barrel side by side shotgun, SN 2007, 10 gauge Many Colts have been engraved by someone other than a Colt engraver, but regardless of the quality of the engraving they usually will not have comparable value to an original factory engraved gun I used the engraving pattern from "Agent Russell's" movie gun as the inspiration for the carving on the holster/belt/mag pouch set Known in earlier times as an “engraver’s bullet 45 Cal" 45 COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER, SERIAL No SN 48207 Patton during WWII the world’s most famous engraved & gold inlaid colt single action army revolver, the sears & roebuck “cow boy” special Glahn's trademark triangle pattern 3rd Generation $9,500 This antique Nimschke engraved Colt SAA was shipped to Schoverling, Daly & Gales, New York City in 1882, in the “soft” for engraving, per factory letter (included) Nimschke fashion com Frame, cyl, bbl and backstrap have factory engraving by Colt master Wilbur A Optional Ivory Micarta grip Model 'P' 5 1/2" Nickel Plated, Laser Engraved Poly Ivory grips, "George S 10/12/21 - This is a very nice example of a Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolver manufactured in 1863 This 2nd Generation Colt Single Action Army revolver was shipped from the factory April 8, 1958 (serial #19508SA), to Buffalo Gun Center, Buffalo, New York (closed in 2019 after 71 Our ink and bake treatment on the engraving showcases the artisans work I am unsure if it was factory engraved or not Because the state of metallurgy and machining was an inexact science in those days, the production of firearms — and, consequently, the engraving of firearms — evolved slowly throughout the 16th, 1 Keep checking back to browse our constantly changing inventory of collectible Colt guns and Colt revolvers for sale or see a full list of our new arrivals This is a Black Powder frame, Single Action with a 4-3/4 inch barrel and Eagle Pattern hard rubber grips, shipped in 1891 Maybe Colt's cut a deal with H&G 3rd Generation With Ivory Grips And Gold Plate 45 Colt Because the state of metallurgy and machining was an inexact science in those days, the production of firearms — and, consequently, the engraving of firearms — evolved slowly throughout the 16th, 1 MAGNAGRAVER® – The Magnagraver® is a freehand engraving tool that is powered by an electric motor and flex-shaft cable This set of 3 1911s was custom made for a client based on Caspian frames and slides then engraved with finely shaded American scroll The Engraving is far superior then most you will see Accurate copy of the Single Action carried by General George S Bob's Gun Shop Inc 380 ACP blued finish with Type II mother-of-pearl grips right side Interestingly, the pictures are depicted in reverse of how they actually appear on the revolvers Frame, hammer, bbl, rammer, backstrap & trigger guard are very nicely engraved in foliate arabesque patterns with shaded background in about 50% coverage on frame 45 Colt cartridge and wears the 5-1/2" barrel engravingtransfers ” under the grip com S DOM 1978 The frame has a beautiful vine scroll Find this Pin and more on Engraving by David Klenk, Furniture Colt Model 1855 Side Hammer “Root” Pocket Revolver IMG Davidson’s On engraved and special order Pockets, hand-engraved ‘COLT’S PATENT’ is often encountered D CONDITION: Exceptionally fine, retains virtually all its original factory finish to metal and wood, appears unfired Engraving: Cylinder has Ormsby Naval battle scene Decorated with scroll-engraved panel on frame and with zigzag lines, punched and rocker-engraved motifs on the cylinder and barrel It has a sunburst pattern on front of the cylinder which you don't usually see Full coverage scroll engraved barrel with decorative motifs Italian engravers refer to the block as "morsa da tavolo" (table vise) Colt Single Action Army Factory engraved Model P Nickel Factory engraved Model 'P' 7 1/2" Original Finish Nickel-plated finish 22 Magnum [more like this] *ENGRAVED COMPOSITE COLT SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER 380 ACP serial number 8533 - An early factory engraved and factory inscribed Colt 1908 caliber They wear ivory grips with scrimshaw logos by Katherine Plumer The gun and knife were engraved by the late Larry Peters 14133X shipped to St in 1899 SN 270257 Diy Embroidery Patterns00 Also look on gun auction web sites We engrave all AR-15, M16, M4 Carbine, MPX, SBR (Short Barrel Rifles), SBS (Short Barrel Shotguns), Machine Pistols, Suppressors, Silencers, Pistols, Revolvers, Semi-Automatic Pistols, NFA and Class III firearms When I had my new Kolar made last fall,I asked the factory if they COLT BLACK POWDER FRAME SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER in 38/40 Cal Notice the belly scales on the bottom of each pistol Custom Shop Inc ‘C’ Engraved COLT FACTORY LETTER FOR SALE $5,600 THe cylinder has patterns between flutes and a wavy border near back edge com/ There are also some Colt books by Doc O'Mera (Classic Colt Peacemakers) and Denis Adler with lots of engraved Colts Very unusual & rare single action having been shipped in 1899 and returned to the factory for engraving at a later date during the tenure of Wilbur Glahn, who was the Colt Factory engraver 1919-1950 1155A Glahn, consisting of about 50% coverage of foliate arabesque patterns with punch dot background This is a consecutive serial number pair of hand-engraved Colt Customs in 38 super About engraving and sculpting of wood and metals - home of the famous Belgian Coticule Whetstone *SPECTACULAR FACTORY ENGRAVED COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER John 'Tiger Jack' Considine enjoyed a long career in the U Nighthawk Custom T4 1911 This monogram was done by the Cuno Helfricht shop Colt Model 3 Serial #25001-30000 Factory elephant ivory grips 41 Colt The holster, belt, mag pouch, and buckle, are one set of the multiples I made for the movie Remember St 2 3/8 inch barrel SN 01154N wilsonbooks For more information about custom engraving your Smith & Wesson handgun or to receive a catalog of custom engraving services, call 1-800-331-0852 and ask for our firearm engraving catalog This Stainless Steel Ruger Vacquero was designed espcially for SASS Shooter 1891 Steel Image Revolver features four classic styles of hand engraving in the tradition of Henshaw, Nimschke, Helfricht, and contemporary patterns Gravure Metal 380″ diameter FIND A DEALER ARMY REVOLVER Serial No - ( AmmoLand Originally it had a 7-1/2 inch barrel that has been cut to 4-3/4 inches with correct crown on the end of the sight Seller: Columbia Precision Firearms Engraving By the time the first firearms were invented (probably early in the 14th century), the tradition of engraving weapons had long been established The design on these guns looks 3 According to the factory letter, this revolver was made specially for J 375″- /Lt Grips are scrimshawed with names of engraving Grade "C" engraving (75% coverage) is the most popular 32 ACP serial number 89769 Type II (with separate barrel bushing It is fully factory engraved in class “D” early Germanic style scrolls Kansas 163995, engraved with a very similar pattern to the present example I am asking $2300 shipped for it or trade Kimber Custom 2 1911 with blued slide Also, it is fully silver plated with fire blue screws It appears to be factory engraved and features a gorgeous, ornate floral pattern The barrel, frame and cylinder have extensive factory class “D” scroll engraving Colt Model 5A Serial #2401-8000 Retaining 95-97 percent nickel finish with some areas of wear to the barrel We guarantee this to be Colt factory engraving Using the original Colt “Sears Gun” engraving pattern as a guide, this Colt Single Action Army has been custom engraved with extensive coverage engraving, gold wire inlays on the barrel and cylinder and a custom “Coat of Arms” inlaid in gold on top of the back strap Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 Factory Engraved Colt First Generation Single Action Army Revolver with Pearl Grips and Factory Letter The factory letter lists this revolver as part of a pair in Ornament Drawing Engraving patterns on this revolver Factory engraved Colt 1903 caliber It is a brace (pair) of consecutively numbered pistols hand engraved in a classic colt factory style with American scrolls, flowers, stars and running leaf patterns $25,875 Colt Revolver Cylinder Scenes Beautiful engraving covering about 75% in mostly scrolls and matted dot background Front and back strap, as well as the trigger bow and thumb safety are engraved to match as well Colt Model 1883 10 gauge side by side shotgun, box lock engraving detail; image credit on full record Colt’s custom engraving runs the other way: “A” engraving is the least coverage, running up to “D” grade full coverage Patton" pattern Old Blood and Guts The TWC3 is a Glock-pattern pistol that shares its roots with the Glock 19 Nickel 45 Long Colt This pair of 45 Long Colt Pistols were special ordered for a customer in Cotulla, TX – True West Archives – Lone Helfricht, at the Colt factory in Hartford, Connecticut The sideplate is marked with a “Rampant Colt” logo I've had a couple of Colt SAA's and 1911 engraved, but chose their "C" coverage for the reason I stated Colt Model 6 and 6A Serial #8001-11074 Note: See page 599 in The Book of Colt Engraving, 2nd edition, of a Wilbur Glahn engraved Model 1911 National Match, sn com )- PRESCOTT, Ariz This is a stunning example of former Colt factory master engraver Thomas Hicks' art R Wilson Particularly the 2 volume set of Colt Engraving (about $1 Nickel finish, 4-3/4" bbl with Wilbur Glahn's "B" or "C" engraving patterns consisting of flowing intertwined foliate and floral patterns The block is usually spherical, with adjustable jaws on top and usually sits in a felt, leather, nylon, or rubber ring SN 187737 Arabesque 357 Magnum 6rd $1499 I like engraving, but I feel it needs to compliment the item, rather than overwhelm it The Colt Custom Gun Shop offers several styles of engraving, each with its own unique features There are five components required to engrave with a Magnagraver®, the Magnagraver® hand piece, a graver, foot pedal, electric motor and flex-shaft It features very near full-coverage, certainly better than factory C-level, open foliate and scroll engraving with diminutive background punch-dot shading, very much in the L 38 caliber The design on these guns looks 3-dimensional The Engraving on the barrel is in a strange and very unusual pattern with full flow throughout Any Colt factory engraved Woodsman is a rarity 45 caliber revolver NEW in the custom shop box It is very nicely engraved in about “D” coverage in very well detailed scroll arabesque patterns Engraved Pocket Knives Recoil shield and loading gate engraved with fan patterns, the remaining frame with bold scroll work on a granular ground A 000 Modern engraved revolver with 12" replacement bbl and 2-pc pearl grips It is a 6" blued and I do not have the box for it Description The top rear edge and the rear of the slide are engraved with Mr Auction: Firearms - Spring 2009 Please Note: All prices include the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium , which is paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price Colt Model 5 Serial #2401-8000 Serial no Keep checking back to browse our constantly changing inventory of collectible Colt guns and Colt revolvers for sale or see a full list of our new arrivals Brian executed his engraving pattern in keeping with original factory Colt styling This Colt also comes with a matching knife engraved in the same pattern as the gun Factory engraved Lightning model Gallery of Hand Engraved Semiauto Pistols Hand Engraved Colt 1911 Custom Consecutive Pair Snakeskin Pattern 63568 for 1875, http://www For more information, please call our knowledgeable staff about our Colt guns today at (877) 214-9327 or feel free to send us email inquiry at info@collectorsfirearms jbmich Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless It is fully engraved, backgound punched, and detailed in the Colt Factory tradition "Class C" coverage (85%) This is an incredible Deluxe Factory Engraved Colt 1862 Police that was no doubt manufactured for an exhibition 150652 The engraving pattern on this pistol matches the pattern of 204423 (pictured above, which was also in the same shipment) One line barrel address Scrollwork is adapted to fit the size, shape and contour of every firearm Barrel with two-line address Gough on May 21, 1919, returned to Colt and reshipped to Murta Appleton on July 2, 1919 Two piece ivory grips with Colt 150 anniversary medallions Columbia Precision Colt Single Action Army 45 Long Colt SN 351887 Frankly, folks, I have shown people my Hopalong Cassidy guns and they marvel at the "engraving It is chambered for the Bbl lug has patterns on both sides with light patterns on top side flats and on all eight flats around muzzle His nickname came from his big game hunting, mainly in Southeast Asia-see lot ---- Jul 24, 2017 - Explore Ron Olson's board "1911 Engraving" on Pinterest The traditional engraving patterns dating back to Colt’s 19th century masters have survived more than 180 years, with many of the most desirable created by Richard Henshaw (principal engraver for Colt from 1835 to 1842), Gustave Young and his successor, Cuno A Compared to the various air powered freehand engraving tools, the Full Details Take the classic Colt 1903 for example BLOCK (ENGRAVER’S) – A special vise used by hand engravers The revolver was a All Colt offers A, B, C, and D factory engraving patterns Factory Engraved Colt First Generation Single Action Army Revolver with Pearl Grips and Factory Letter The factory letter lists this revolver as part of a pair in Just about any Colt book by R The Engravers’ Choice Award of Merit at the annual Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) Exhibition of 2020 was presented to Brian Powley for his masterful engraving of this Colt Single Action, In all the years of production, fewer than 250 were engraved at the Colt factory 36 caliber, 5-shot cylinder with stagecoach holdup roll scene, and with "COLT" marking within border motif " Well, if pressed potmetal can impress people, what about a Colt - Nickel and Gold fresh from the factory Extremely early engraved Colt with 4-13/16" bbl, relocated modified front sight with rampant colt hard rubber grips Accompanied by a Colt Factory letter which identifies this revolver in caliber Davidsons Samual Colt 1911 (O1911C-SCB) is truly breathtaking in its beauty This is a fairly rare pistol as Colt only manufactured 2000 between 1873 & 1875 Colt Python Colt finalized his design for the new “Navy” revolver in 1850 and it entered production in 1851 Colt Models 1 and 1A Serial #1-384 An exceptionally rare Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers I have had a couple people tell me it was and a couple tell me it wasn't Cal 00 - Sold by James D 22 Rimfire The bottom front of the frame is engraved in a foliate pattern We applied for a Colt letter the verify the engraving, but Colt did not have record of the serial number in their archive Bulino Engraving – traditional and fantasy art, portraits or scenes, seals Colt also offers varying qualities of engraving:- Standard, Expert, and Master General Information U Factory letter states The engraving is of the vine and scroll pattern that was prevalent in the late percussion and early cartridge era We are licensed by the ATF as an FFL Type 7 and SOT Three grades of engraving are offered: Standard-basic American style, engraver not recorded; Expert-master quality scroll work, engraver signed and recorded; and Master Sure we know the engraving is crap, to the average consumer it probably looked like a showpiece This Colt advertising sheet of the early 1850s shows the factory roll-engraved scenes used on various percussion revolvers, along with imagery of a First Model Dragoon 45 LC The engraving is a classic American style and covers the sides of the slide, the receiver, the thumb safety, and the slide stop \